Where female founders come together to transform their businesses and their lives.

In May 2018, in collaboration with business coach, Danielle Anderson, Lulu launched the Afri-love Connection Club

We recognised that there are unique challenges faced by women in business and we realised there was a space for a bespoke women’s network, in Nairobi, that provides a more holistic approach to business growth. A way that doesn’t compromise all the other things that are important to us, be they health, family, self-care etc.

We created the Club as a safe space to talk about the important stuff, co-create solutions and support each other in business, we can all thrive and grow, both personally and professionally.

In November 2018, the Club expanded to Mombasa.

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(Female founders only)

What you focus on expands: picture, plan and achieve this year!

In the early days of a new year, you’re full of good intentions and still optimistic about the changes you’re going to make in your businesses and in your life. Your goals have been set out, plans have been charted, resolutions have been made and guiding words and mantras have been selected.

But is it enough?

How many years have you told yourself that THIS IS IT!?

The truth is, willpower alone can only take you so far.

Sometimes, you actually need to see it to believe it. And in seeing it, your brain becomes wired to ACT. You will start to take frequent and consistent action to turn your vision into reality.

And that’s why we’ve created a guide to vision boarding and goal setting, so that you are truly set up for success in the year ahead.